"It’s always the deep transformations that we needed to go through that propel us forward in life and often something profound is born out of those experiences. In this case, it was the AmpCoil."Aaron Bigelow


When Aaron and Geneva Bigelow started their healing journey 13 years ago, they believed Lyme disease was going to be part of their lives forever. Having both worked for many years in the biotech industry, they’d tried biofeedback, PEMF and bioresonance technology, but weren’t getting sustainable results. 

They eventually found a solution that, for them, eliminated the devastating effects of Lyme disease. That is when the AmpCoil was born. They used an early prototype to help their family get their lives back, but knew deeply that the mission was much greater than their own family’s wellness because so many people were suffering. 
BOTH AARON & GENEVA HAD DEBILITATING LYME DISEASE–They tried everything to get their lives back. There were moments when Aaron couldn't get out of bed. Then he’d hear of the next great thing - feel better for a short time, but soon relapsed again. One of those things was high-grade ozone therapy. Traveling to Tijuana, Mexico, every day for months, he witnessed people in the waiting room close to death and hundreds of people crossing the border seeking hope on their journey to wellness. In that moment, Aaron began to feel gratitude for his journey, knowing it must lead to a greater story. He kept his hope alive this way.  During Aaron’s health crisis, Geneva developed left-side paralysis and migraines, also due to Lyme and co-infections, and was pregnant with their second daughter.

TOO SICK TO WORK–Neither of them could work. The turning point came when they hit bottom. Geneva was nine months pregnant and standing in the welfare line waiting for food stamps, then they were to spend the night at a homeless shelter. 

SPENT HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS ON TREATMENTS–At this point, they’d spent over $200,000 on treatments and accrued $100,000 in unpaid medical bills. They were also watching their eldest daughter have regular seizures as she too battled with Lyme. Aaron remembers thinking, “You may be able to take one of us, but you won’t take our daughter.” They needed a miracle. 

TODAY THE BIGELOWS ARE SYMPTOM FREE AND LIVING A FULL LIFE–Today they’re symptom free. As founders of AmpCoil, life is eventful. Everyday is about learning how to do better. How to best share this technology with the world so people understand it.

PASSIONATE ABOUT SHARING THEIR STORY IN ORDER TO GIVE HOPE TO OTHERS THAT THEY TOO CAN BE WELL–The Bigelows credit their success so far to their own journey to wellness using the technology. 

You can read more about their journey in the book Life After Lyme.

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