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“I had lost all hope for the future……and then I found AmpCoil…..


LIFE AFTER LYME  25 INSPIRING STORIES of Individuals Who Are Rising Above the Current Pandemic of Lyme & Autoimmune Conditions Through the Use of Cutting-Edge Technology 

ATTENTION AMPCOIL USERS!  We are seeking your participation in spreading a message of hope about a path to wellness for those suffering from Lyme and other chronic illness. PLEASE EMAIL US at LifeAfterLyme@AmpCoil.com if you are interested in sharing your story.


Our goal with the LIFE AFTER LYME book is to spread the news about how the AmpCoil is helping many recover their lives. And we want the book to also help support current AmpCoil owners/users as they go through the process of traversing their own suffering. By sharing our stories we can encourage others on their own healing journey.

Dear AmpCoil Community: Please Share Your Story

Positive feedback from the AmpCoil community continues to pour in affirming the efficacy of the AmpCoil technology for a large percentage of those using it.  

Word-of-mouth is spreading the news about this revolutionary technology and there is nothing quite as powerful as authentic testimonies about positive life changing experiences.

As we all know, the path to wellness can be emotionally devastating and full of bumps and setbacks. New members of our AmpCoil community are looking to those of us who have walked this path before them and have seen our health and lives improve over time through the use of the AmpCoil.

In the first of what we hope will be a series of inspiring, feel-good books, Life After Lyme will have a Chicken Soup For The Soul flavor targeted to those seeking new, innovative ways to achieve health and wellness.

We are optimistic, based on the feedback we have been receiving so far, that positive stories of health recovery through the use of the AmpCoil will continue to occur, and that the information about this new technology will spread throughout the world. 

Please help us with this launch of our first book this summer, and in spreading the good news about a truly hopeful future for the WELLNESS OF HUMANITY.

Thank you,

Aaron & Geneva Bigelow 

Co-Founders, Health Evolution Tech, Inc.

P.S. Please email us at LifeAfterLyme@AmpCoil.com as soon as possible to express your interest. 

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